Hello and thank you for your interest in my work. I am dedicated to making good things happen with art, design, experience, marketing and more. Here are some highlights of what I’ve done for clients, community, friends and for fun. 

To learn more call 917.679.8307 or email cercare24@yahoo.com for creative inquiries, or for event design and logistics support contact charles@mixedgreensevents.com  


User Experience

As a Digital Art Director I produced creative to drive awareness to the best content available from world class titles.

A Night In with Amex

An Amex brand experience with intimate creative including wall art, graphic design elements, and live napkin illustration.

Block Stack Summit

A limited creative brief provided in Figma with assets intended for web? I can turn that into the visuals for an international summit.


A Manhattan hotel lounge becomes an immersive Tiki Bar, setting the perfect stage for Hi-Chew's new Fruit Combos drop.

That's Still Rocking?

My most prolific creation would be this poster probably. Every public building in NYC has it in the lobby!

City Lights Design Competition

NYC needed a new street light, I art directed the visuals for the international competition to get one.

Tennis in the Bronx

The Bronx was pissed a new shopping center destroyed important community tennis courts so the city built new ones and I decorated them.

Department of Design and Construction

I was lead designer for a Multi-billion dollar city agency rebranding, we raised the bar for civic design in NYC.

Ida B. Wells in Brooklyn

There was one portrait of a black woman in Brooklyn Borough Hall, with my painting, now there are two.

Hip Hop Born in the Bronx

We taught kids in the Bronx about how hip hop was born in their community, and I showed them how to make art about it.

The Library at Medgar Evars College

I taught the power of visual story telling with exhibits, lectures, and work shops.

Covid 19 Response

I spent most of the pandemic on the front lines.

Bar Flies Animated Series

I am developing this animated series with writers and voice actors.

Art & Surf

These are my paintings about surfing and identity.

History and Art

I make high resolution, portraits of notable people of color from the past, because their stories inspire and motivate.

Nipsey Alaia

The traditional surf craft of Hawaiians, this Alaia is a study in board construction and a memorial artifact honoring the life of Nipsey Hussle.


Learning to ride a bike was one of the most liberating moments in my life. The prospect of getting a version of that as an adult was a dream come true. 

When one has achieved balance no act is either a chore or an outlet but all acts are productive if they provide a lesson. If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again.

Happy to be considered in the company of super talented riders in NYC.

The rare and elite status of the Red Bull Podium; I was just grateful to be there, 3rd place was a bonus. 

I do a lot of different creative things, I went to Northern California, then Italy and on to New York City, in search of creative mastery. I don’t really chase titles, I’d rather wear as many hats as I need to, to ensure that the job is done right.

I redefined graphic standards for the City of New York Dept. of Design and Construction while in grad school at SVA. At points in my career I was the web master and deli guy/ butcher’s apprentice at a Colorado grocery store; while simultaneously remotely production designing an exhibit for the Houston Museum of Natural History. Once I moved back to NYC, I joined Time Inc. Consumer Marketing, producing digital marketing creative for iTunes, Amazon, social media and the web.

As the tide of media consumption shifted away from print magazines I shifted gears to Senior Digital Project Manager. My exclusive account was Burberry, and my territory was the Western Hemisphere, talk about an oh sh!t moment. Humble accommodations for a work week in London, getting briefed before getting the keys to a multi million dollar account. While I enjoyed the challenge and rigor of such a cool account, the hours and lack of creativity pushed me in another direction. I stuck it out for almost a year, and handed the account off in good standing before shifting gears back to creative.

As Owner of Uptown Breakdown, I put together teams to effectively dispatch logistic solutions for event breakdown, and venue turn over. Restoring reusable assets to clients and working with locations to safely and sustainably dispose of decorative, display and marketing collateral for corporate and private events nationwide. Before the plague I worked closely with NYC event designers to provide graphics and display solutions for events, and product experiences, for brands like Starbucks, HP and American Express.

My portrait painting of Ida B. Wells hangs in Brooklyn Borough Hall. Having creative homies I managed to get featured in a display as an ancient hominid in American Museum of Natural History. I braved the reverse steering bike on the Nat Geo show, Brain Games, proving a theory in neuroplasticity. I dedicate a substantial amount of my creativity to minority community representation in history and civic awareness through the efforts of the Harlem Historical Society and beyond. 

I am open to collaborating to produce meaningful experiences for brands, organizations and events, from start to finish. 

Content included in many instances is collaborative, thanks to teams and partners for working with me, let’s keep going! 

phone:917.679.8307       email:cercare24@yahoo.com       (c) Chromakid 2022