American Express Preferred Member Experience

American Express is all about offering their users a unique brand experience. It was up to us to provide the memorable moments. Guests delighted in activities, showered in custom swag, delicious treats, and personalized napkin illustrations that I made while engaging the small crowd. The result was an amazing brand experience with plenty of sharable moments.. 

Block Stack Summit

Mixed Greens Event Design is based in NYC, as one of the creative team there I get some pretty diverse asks. I was tasked with turning a web based document into an entire event, across screens, clings, name tags, speaker presentations, and marketing collateral. This was a collaboration for the modern age with a team spread across the US and Europe all working toward Blockstack’s most successful summit to date.

Hi Chew Fruit Combos

Hi-Chew have such a positive and upbeat impression with their brand ethos. We set the perfect palette for an evening of creative combinations of music, art, drinks and sweets to introduce FruitCombos in a big way. I sculpted alaia surf boards branded with low tac vinyl graphics, providing hands on authentic props. The venue lended itself to our tiki inspired stylings, serving fruit themed cocktails and making the flavor combos experience an immersive delight. I include a rendering here and the final entry to show how process can assure stake holders that things are going to work well in advance. 

Dah Shop Graphics

Dah Shop is a bike shop on Division St.  in NYC, it is also a hub of the cycling community in Manhattan. I’ve done a bunch of graphics for them over the years…

Digital Project Manager, Burberry

I was tracking and delivering all digital creative for the Americas, following evolving standards and technologies, driving brand awareness and increasing consumer touch points. In the office I was managing a design team to produce complex international campaigns of digital assets on time, on style, and on format.  

TIME Inc. Digital Marketing Creative

Working at TIME Inc. was rad, the Mad Men building, wild characters from the history of the media company with wilder stories and experiences. Walter Mitty vibes… I took the brand identities of each title I worked on very seriously and tried to hue our campaigns as closely to the quality and style of their content as allowed.

Beyond my personal nerd out factor, it was banner ads, pop ups, forms, and other consumer marketing graphics used to drive subscriptions, get emails, and bring attention to titles in print and online! 

Content included in many instances is collaborative, thanks to teams and partners for working with me, let’s keep going!

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