Bar Flies

I have always wanted to make cartoons, my first job while in High School was drawing key frames for Leo Sullivan, creator of Fat Albert! I’ve done character design, and production art for small stop motion and film projects of friends. This one though is already voice acted so the ball is rolling… 

Art and Surf

Art and Surf is the visual representation of my relationship with the ocean. It is art inspired by and resulting from my time surfing, swimming, camping, fishing, and exploring coastlines all over…

History and Art

I work with the Harlem Historical Society to produce activations that celebrate the history of New Yorkers of color, who made an impact and elevated themselves in their professions and endeavors. We have streets co-named, resolutions in city government, exhibits in circulation, and a regular space for society programming in Harlem.

There are so many more works than even displayed here… some have been on display, some set to be on display. Each portrait involves research, getting to know the subject is always such a reminder that pushing through problems and taking challenges head on is the only way forward. 

Nipsey Alaia Surf Board

“Ocean views small circle its a chosen few, I wrote it down then I followed through.”
There are a lot of lyrics from his songs that I find applicable to affirming your self worth, as well as where to put your energy if you want to make positive change around you. Tapping into the tradition of indigenous surf craft, and using that as the canvas for art about a musician from the neighborhood I grew up in adds additional value to the craft and the art.

In a data set established on an x y and z axes their can be a forth dimensional data set that can therefor be established as a beta data set where there are at least three sets of x y and z points in a temporal trajectory as initiated by a function at said coordinates of the initial dat set.

Content included in many instances is collaborative, thanks to teams and partners for working with me, let’s keep going!         

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